Our Refund & Cancellation Policy

Our policy is super simple because we believe that for you trust us, you must trust that we are doing the best for your business:

- For any of our seminars or one-day sessions if you come to us before the first lunch break and say this is not for us, then just simply return any materials and we will issue you a 100% refund right then and there (and stay for lunch on us) . No questions no hard feelings. Because sometimes it's just not a good fit and thats ok.

- For any of our ongoing programs just come to us before the next payment is due and we will immediately stop the payments, you will continue to have access to all resources until the end of the billing cycle. No worries no fuss.

Phone Numbers


Company Address

23160 96th Ave,
Fort Langley, BC

About Our Team

Our team has been responsible for maintaining and assisting the online marketing for over 100 new and growing businesses around North America.

We are not just technical people: We're not going to loose you in technicial speak, we are going to work with you in terms and language that you understand, and is relevent to your industry. We have been involved in business for over a decade, and understand your business.

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