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How Optimization Works:

The following is an example of how we start the process of working with you and then how we work on a monthly basis with your business to get you the data you need.

First Month

Sign Up

Once your business has signed up for our service, you will be asked to submit your 3 most pressing questions that you want answered. (for example your questions may be how many calls do we miss each month, or how does my website rank on Google, etc.) At this point we will review your 3 questions and start reviewing and collecting the data we need that will let us answer your top questions and develop solutions to improve your business.


Setup Initial One-on-One Phone Consultation

You will receive a link in an email on how to book a private phone consultation . During this initial phone consultation we will look at the initial 3 questions you have and clarify any questions that we have about how your business operates. We will also show you how to access your dashboards and reports that we have created. At this point we might already have some strategies or solutions to address your questions. Further, during this call we will discuss your goals for your business and how we might be able to provide insight and information to help you achieve these things. (ie. your goals could be increase conversions, or increase inquires, or how to make front desk more efficient, etc)


Post Initial Conference Call

Based on our discussion in the initial conference call we will modify the reports/dashboards so you can see how your business is performing. Based on the call we will send you compreshensive step-by-step strategies for improving your performance.

Every Month

Monthly One-on-One Strategy Phone Consultation

During monthly private one-on-one phone consultation we will review reports and data to give you actionable intelligence. For instance we may review your Google Analytics for your website and show you areas that you could improve your website or look at your phone logs and point out areas to be optimized. We use desktop sharing during the conference call so that we can look at reports and screens together. During these calls we also talk about other strategies or business questions and solutions.


Continuous Business Training

Throughout the year we host in person or online training sessions where we teach you on a particular topic. It might be how to retain customers better, or how to improve your website, or how to develop a comprehensive marketing plan. Or we might bring in an outside expert like an accountant or human resource person to discuss relevant issues for your business.


Refresh Existing Reports/Dashboards

For all your reports and dashboards that we have created for you, we refresh them with your most recent information. So that you have most up-to-date information on how your business is performing and how the strategies are working. For reports and dashboards that are connected to databases your data will be updated in real-time.


Industry Reports

We also send out monthly emails to help your business. It could be reminders for things you should do on your website, or a new technology that people have questions about or examples of what other businesses are doing so you can get ideas for improving your business. These are very practical reports to help you continuously improve your business.

About Our Team

Our team has been responsible for maintaining and assisting the online marketing for over 100 new and growing businesses around North America.

We are not just technical people: We're not going to loose you in technical speak, we are going to work with you in terms and language that you understand, and is relevant to your industry. We have been involved in business for over a decade, and understand your business.

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