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Start & Grow Workshop


Business Strategy & Goals

Come attend our in-person one day seminar and learn from over a decade of experience of running businesses as to what works and what doesn't work. Avoid some of the mistakes that we made when we started our businesses and quick start your business to a strong profitable business.. This seminar is very practical in that we give real examples and show you tools and methods we use. Furthermore there is time for you to test and develop your own strategies and ask specific questions about your business and how to do it right.

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Website & Google

Google listing and your website is the most critical marketing channel for your business. We'll show you why most businesses do it wrong and how to use your website to sell more efficiently.
We'll show you how to analyze your websites performance and compare it to competitors. We'll look at simple SEO methods that you can implement now, and if and when you should do Google Ads.

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Marketing Plan & Tracking

During this part of the seminar we will cover things like how to do online marketing, and the value of offline marketing. Marketing is more than just your business cards and brochure. We'll work with you to start to develop a comprehensive marketing plan so that your business is selling even when you are sleeping.

Furthermore we'll show you the tools and techniques that we use to track which marketing techniques work and save you huge amounts of time and money in the process.

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You can have the best product and marketing but without your operations being optimized and efficient you are going to be losing customers and money, feeling overwhelmed and always playing catch-up. We show you how to analyze your business operations and the tools to increase efficiency and customer service, and how to do better billing and retention of clients.

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About Our Team

Our team has been responsible for maintaining and assisting the online marketing for over 100 new and growing businesses around North America.

We are not just technical people: We're not going to loose you in technical speak, we are going to work with you in terms and language that you understand, and is relevant to your industry. We have been involved in business for over a decade, and understand your business.

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