Optimize Your Business

Our team's mission is to help you develop strategies, business plans and implement technology to start, grow, and optimize your business
so that you generate more sales, profit, and more time off from your business.

Some of Our Clients

Music & Dance Studios

We have worked with over 100 music and dance studios around North America providing the following services:

  • website optimizing and Google ranking (SEO) optimization
  • Google Adwords analysis and setup
  • Phone call analysis
  • Social Media
  • implementing AI chat-bots

Technology Support

We work with an organization that provides training and support to private schools across British Columbia and have helped them with:

  • Help analyze their helpdesk and emails to optimize staff levels and response times
  • Helped implement Artificial Intelligence across the organization to improve customer service.
  • Optimizing their operations by analyzing their phone data.

Accounting Company

We work for a new accounting firm that is just starting up. We provide assistance with getting launched properly. This includes:

  • website optimization
  • advertising recommendations
  • assistance with internal operations (like tracking clients and processes)

Commercial Leasing Company

We work with a company that leases out office space and provide them with the following:

  • website optimizing
  • Google Adwords tracking and optimizing
  • tracking other online advertising
  • tracking offline advertising

Medical Services Doctor Office

We have done work with a doctors office analyzing their phone logs to help improve staff levels and increase response and answer rates.

Take your business to next level

Your Business Phases:

Start-Up & Growth Phase

One Day Seminar

Attend our in person one day seminar and learn from over a decade of experience of running businesses as to what works and strategies that don't. Avoid some of the mistakes that we made when we started our business. Quick start your business to a strong profitable business. During this seminar we will cover things like how to do online marketing, the value of offline marketing, how to analyze your business operations to increase efficiency and customer service, and how to do better billing and retention of clients. This seminar is very practical in that we give real example and show you tools and methods we use. Furthermore there is time for you to test and develop your own strategies and ask specific questions about your business and how to do it right.

Follow-Up Support

After the seminar you will receive two free private one-on-one consultations. We will review your business strategies and marketing progress. We will provide assistance on how to implement your strategies and maintain momentum. We use desktop sharing during the one-on-one consultation so that we can look at ideas and documents together. You will also have an opportunity to join our ongoing business support and optimization program

Optimization Phase

Detailed Business Analysis

Our goal is to remove the hard work of analyzing all your business data so that you have simple to read reports and dashboards that help you make decisions that improve your marketing effectiveness, make your business operations more efficient, increase your customer's satisfaction, and increase your profitability. Based on our monthly meeting, or by request, we will build new reports as needed to give you deep insight into your business. You ask the questions we build the report with the answers.

Ongoing Coaching

During monthly private one-on-one phone consultations we will review reports and data to give you actionable insights and strategies that you can implement in your business to make it more optimized. For instance we may review your Google Analytics for your website and show you areas that you could improve your website. Or we look at your phone logs and point out areas to be optimized. We use desktop sharing during the consultation so that we can look at reports and screens together. These calls are designed to be very practical where we give you step by step guides on to how to implement strategies to improve your business based on what the data reports are showing us about your business.

About Our Team

Our team has been responsible for maintaining and assisting the online marketing for over 100 new and growing businesses around North America.

We are not just technical people: We're not going to loose you in technical speak, we are going to work with you in terms and language that you understand, and is relevant to your industry. We have been involved in business for over a decade, and understand your business.

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