Hosting and Support of Moodle

1. Installation/transfer of your Moodle Learning Management System

2. Branding and graphic design of Moodle

3. Training for your key personal and staff

4. Stable and Secure Hosting Environment

There will be two options available for hosting of the Moodle application:
i. Virtual Hosting Service for less than 600 active users
ii. Fully Dedicated Server for greater than 600 active users (extra $150/month)

*an active user is any user that logs into Moodle during a particular month. (ie. you could have more than 600 users loaded into the system and still use a Virtual Server, as long as less than 600 login each month)

5. Ongoing Support

Hosting and Support Package

In the hosting and support package Vancouver Computer Consulting Inc. will handle the design, development/modification, installation, monthly maintenance, and web hosting of a Moodle online learning system. This package is perfect for education organizations who don't want to be hassled with the technical aspects of a online learning, and just want to focus on providing quality education.

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Support Only Package

The support only package is designed for educational organizations who already have a Moodle Learning Management System that they hosting but need support with issues with their installation or require assistance with customizations or upgrades to Moodle. This monthly package allows you to contact us at anytime in the month with any issue and we will work with you to resolve it

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Contact Us

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